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Before signing up please note the following:

How to sign up

The link for signing up appears next to the course when you can start signing up. Choose all the courses you want in your shopping cart and then fill in the personal data form. Save you enrolment form, by the help of which you can later check, which course you have signed up for.

Course fees

The course fee is paid to the internet bank in connection with signing up. If you are disruped when paying, you get an email from Paytrail and then you can continue paying for the bill, if you have given you email address. If needed we will send you a bill, which you can pay in your own internetbank or at the service point of the town of Hamina (Puistokatu 2). You have to pay for every course using its own index number. You cannot pay for the course in the office of kansalaisopisto.

If the course fee of kansalaisopisto is not paid at due date, the bill will go to collection after a warning. If you have got unpaid course fee from the previous year, you cannot take part in a new course before you have paid your course fees in arrears. The group does not start if there are not a minimum number of people who have signed up. In that case the students will be informed and the course fees will be returned. Otherwise you will not be informed separately about the starting of the course.

Smartum exercise - and culture vouchers: The vouchers are personal means of payment and by them you can pay for expences for exercise- ja culture hobbies aiheutuneita expences. The vouchers cannot be changed into money and you cannot receive many back for them. You can pay the Ylimenevän sum by cash. By the vochers you can pay for exercise, dance, handicraft, music and art education courses.

ePASSIN Sportpassport: The sportpassport is personal, by it you can pay for exercise courses. You can pay the fee straight away when you sign up (sportpassport button, before moving on to the payment data) or in the office when you sign up. Exercise courses should be chosen to the shopping cart at different times than other courses.

Study voucher of unemployed: A study voucher of the unemployed is to be picked up personally at the employment office and delivered to the office (Puistokatu 2)

Kansalaisopisto has received ministry of education Study voucger type avustusta for course fees for some target groups for the academic year 2019 - 2020. The prices of these courses have already been lowered. In the course programme there is a mention about this separately.


Possible cancellations are made in the office of kansalaisopisto tel. 040 199 1234, not to the teacher.
You can also cancel a course on the net where it says own information.
If a cancellation has not been made or the student does not take part in the course after having reserved it, the whole course fee is peritään.


If you wrote your email address, kurssipaikan confirmation is sent by email. No other information is sent to those who have signed up for the courses neither is any teaching material sent before the beginning of the course. You will be contacted from kansalaisopisto only, if the course is cancelled or if you have received a spare place.