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1105305 Argentine Tango Beginners Summer Course

Kesäkurssi - Summer Course

In this intensive course we learn the basics of Argentine Tango as a social dance. We practise how to lead and follow specific combinations with a focus on technique, connection and musicality. No previous experience in partner dancing is needed. This course is for couples. If possible, by the end of the course we may visit a local milonga (tango party). The lessons are in English. 

This course can paid with sports and cultural vouchers. Course fee paid by sports and cultural vouchers cannot be returned. You can arrange for the course fee to be paid once it has been confirmed that the course will start

Only one of the partners registers, please include the name of your partner on the registration form.

If contact teaching is not possible, this course will be cancelled or postponed (if possible).

Opettaja: Nadia Tapia Navarro

Paikkatilanne: Osallistujamaksimi 7, kurssilla on tilaa.

Opetuspaikka: Liikunta 507, Runeberginkatu 22–24, 00100 Helsinki

Päivä ja kello: Ma: 18.45 - 20.15 Ke: 18.45 - 20.15

Syyslukukausi: 16.8.2021 - 25.8.2021 (8 oppituntia)

Kurssimaksu (pari): 158,00 €

Ilmoittautuminen alkaa: 12.2.2021 10.00

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