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1203019 Wine Tasting in English

Intensiivinen kurssi - Intensive course

Pohjatietoina keskikoulun, peruskoulun tai lukion lyhyt englanti. Opetus on pääasiassa englanniksi/ the language of instruction is mainly English.

There is often talk about old and new world wines and how people prefer one over the other. But what do the terms mean and how are actual wines different? Well, well find out by comparing and contrasting different wines so you can discover your own personal favourites and possibly challenge some old stereotypes. Join this informative and fun course to learn not just how to describe and talk about wine in English but also a lot about wine itself – how to taste it and what are the characteristics of different grapes and wine styles. A total of 24 wines will be sampled during the four meetings with focus on affordable everyday reds and whites. An additional cost for the materials will be between 30 and 50 euros depending on the number of participants and it will be confirmed and collected at the beginning of the course.

Ilmoittautuminen alkaa: 7.8.2017 10:00:00

Opettaja: Kari Vehmas

Paikkatilanne: Osallistujamaksimi 16, kurssilla on tilaa.

Opetuspaikka: Helsingin aikuisopisto (katso aulan monitorista!), Töölöntullinkatu 8, 00250 Helsinki

Päivä ja kello: Pe: 17.00-19.30

Syyslukukausi: 27.10.2017 - 17.11.2017 (12 oppituntia)

Kurssimaksu: 59,00 €

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