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1101609 Piano Playing in English and Spanish

Not 23.2., 30.3.

Piano course for beginners, intermediate and advanced players. The style and content of studies depends on students hopes and needs: classical, pop & jazz, accompaniment, improvisation, etc. The teaching languages are English and Spanish. Each student have one 22,5 minutes teaching lesson every week. Each lesson costs 20 €. Individual lessons will be pass out within the limits of informed time.

The Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) sponsors the Institutes work and students.

The sponsorship facilitates granting discounts on course fees to immigrants (not asylum seekers), those suffering from learning disabilities, the unemployed, senior citizens (those over 63 years of age) and pensioners. Those in in full-time employment are not eligible for discount. The course information states if the course is sponsored by the EDUFI.

All those eligible for discount must contact the Office before paying for the course. Immigrants, pensioners under 63 years of age, the unemployed and those suffering from learning disabilities must demonstrate their eligibility for a course fee discount. The eligibility for the discount must be demonstrated every semester. Discounts are not granted retroactively. One can enrol for a course on the internet without paying the course fee, but one must submit a notification of discount in the additional information field. After enrolling the student must contact the Office and make arrangements for demonstrating eligibility for discount and payment date.

Ilmoittautuminen alkaa: 5.12.2017 10:00:00

Opettaja: Musiikkipedagogi (AMK) Melisa Cano Sánchez

Paikkatilanne: Osallistujamaksimi 6, kurssi on täynnä, voit ilmoittautua varalle.

Opetuspaikka: Taivallahden peruskoulu, Eteläinen Hesperiankatu 38, 00100 Helsinki

Päivä ja kello: Pe: 17.15-19.30

Kevätlukukausi: 19.1.2018 - 27.4.2018 (36 oppituntia)

Price for seniors, pensioners, unemployed, people with learning disabilities and immigrants is 200 €.: 240,00 €

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