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8301133 Kehonhuolto senioreille Movement Intelligence

This course will proceed from the basics of acrobatic tumbling with new variations to new more advanced skills. The skills taught range from cartwheels, round offs, aerial handspring flips and other somersaults. We practise how to combine different tumbling to perform series and combination skills. Teaching languages are Finnish and English. This course is suitable for those who already have more experience in acrobatics, for example those who have been to Intermediate and Advanced Acrobatics classes. The minimum age limit is 15 years.

Registration begins: 3.6.2019 10:00:00 (Registration begins in 13 days)

Teacher: Terhi Summa

Number of places: Maximum number of course participants 12, There are available places on the course.

Name of course location: Lka 104, 1. krs (liikunta), Töölöntullinkatu 8, 00250 Helsinki

Date and time: Tuesday: 10.00-11.30

Autumn term: 10.9.2019 - 3.12.2019 (24 Lessons)

118 € eläkeläiset ja yli 63-vuotiaat, muut 156 €: 156,00 €

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