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1103087 Colour & Acrylic Painting

This course is for anyone who loves colour. The aim is to give you the tools to better understanding how colour works on multiple levels from everyday life to working with your artworks. We will discuss some basic colour theories and learn about the joys and complexities of colour mixing. We will work with acrylic painting and do lot of exercises gaining insights into different colour theories in a practical way. Most of the materials provided. No previous skills required. Examples of the teachers artistic work: www.janehughes.ie.

This course can paid with sports and cultural vouchers. Course fee paid by sports and cultural vouchers cannot be returned. You can arrange for the course fee to be paid once it has been confirmed that the course will start.

Ilmoittautuminen alkaa: 25.11.2019 10:00:00

Opettaja: Hughes, Jane, TaM

Paikkatilanne: Osallistujamaksimi 14, kurssilla on tilaa.

Opetuspaikka: Lka 709, 7. krs (taide 2), Töölöntullinkatu 8, 00250 Helsinki

Päivä ja kello: La: 11.00-15.00 Su: 11.00-15.00

Kevätlukukausi: 21.3.2020 - 22.3.2020 (10 oppituntia)

Kurssimaksu: 68,00 €

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