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1105046 Argentine Tango Beginners Course - Continuation

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This course is the continuation of Argentine Tango Basics I and it can also work as a refresher for those who have taken some lessons in the past. We learn how to lead and follow specific combinations with a focus on technique, connection and musicality. There is no need to come with a partner (we do not ensure role balance). We change partners and possibly roles during the class. At the end of the course we organise a field trip to a local Milonga (Argentine Tango Party). The lessons are in English.

Teacher: Nadia Tapia Navarro

Number of places: Maximum number of course participants 24, There are available places on the course.

Name of course location: Juhlasali 317, Runeberginkatu 22–24, 00100 Helsinki

Date and time: Mo: 17.30 - 19.00

Autumn term: 2.11.2020 - 7.12.2020 (12 Lessons)

Price: 108,00 €

Registration begins: 1.6.2020 10:00

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