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1203022 Advancing Your English Online

Pohjatietoina aktiivinen pitkä (A-) tai lyhyt (B-) englanti sekä käytännön kielitaitoa. Opetuskielenä on englanti / The language of instruction is English. 

Come along to maintain and improve your English language skills online! Each week, you will choose a podcast or news/current events item of interest to you to share and discuss with your classmates online in small groups. The teacher will guide you along and provide you with many different sources from which to choose. Additional video clips and other audio materials provided by the teacher will help you fine-tune your listening skills and recognize some special pronunciation features in different varieties of English. Homework will also include a news article with exercises, advanced grammar online practice and (optional) writing practice. We will be using Zoom and Moodle, which are very easy to use for speaking, listening and sharing learning materials/written assignments. The teacher will send you an invitation. In addition to an internet connection, you will need the amplifier/headphones and microphone of your computer or mobile device. The course materials are included in the course fee. 

Opettaja: Silventoinen Christine

Paikkatilanne: Osallistujamaksimi 16, kurssilla on tilaa.

Opetuspaikka: Ohjattu verkko-opiskelu

Päivä ja kello: To: 11.30 - 13.00

Syyslukukausi: 17.9.2020 - 3.12.2020 (24 oppituntia)

Kurssimaksu: 123,00 €

Ilmoittautuminen alkaa: 1.6.2020 10:00

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