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Welcome to study at the Institute of Adult Education in Helsinki, a center of learning and wellbeing, open for everyone! We organize over 1,000 courses annually. We offer languages, sports and dance, music, handicrafts, art, life skills, online courses and lots of Finnish courses. For more information please visit our website.


You can register online https://www.helao.fi/en/home/, by email toimisto@helao.fi or at the office. It is not possible to register by phone.

When registering online, you will be asked the code of the course and your personal details, including the latter part of your Finnish social security number. If you do not have an existing Finnish social security number, please come to the office to register.

You will receive a confirmation of the registration both on the display and by e-mail. If you do not have an e-mail address, print out the last page or write down the details. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail even though you have given your e-mail address, there may have been a mistake in your e-mail address. Your registration is nevertheless valid.


Tuition fees must be paid immediately after registering. If you cannot pay the course fee immediately, please contact the office to set a new due date.

Paying online: your own online bank, credit card, Smartum’s Saldo charge card, MobilePay, Sports or Cultural Pass. If you have Sports or Cultural Pass (ePassi), you can also pay by calling the Institute’s office (09 41 500 300).

Paying in the office: cash, bank or credit card (VISA, Eurocard, Mastercard, VISA Electron, Maestro, Diners Club International, Discover), physical or electronic vouchers such as SporttiPassi (Sports Pass), Smartum, Tyky, Edenred or Eazybreak.

If your employer is paying for your course, please email toimisto@helao.fi the billing details as soon as you have registered. A billing fee of 5 Euros will be charged.


Course registration is binding. Not paying a course fee does not count as cancellation. If you want to cancel a course, please contact the office without delay. 

  1. You can cancel your course free of charge 7 days before the course is due to start. If you have already paid the course, we shall refund you the whole course fee.
  2. Course fee is charged in full, if you do not cancel the course, if you cancel it less than 7 days before the course is due to start or you do not show up.
  3. Course fee will be returned in full if the Institute cancels a course.

Refund will be made according to our cancellation policy once you have sent us your IBAN account number. If you have not paid the course fee or cancelled your participation in a course, we will charge you according to our cancellation policy. Course fees are collectible.

Course fee paid by Culture and Sports vouchers cannot be returned. You can arrange for the course fee to be paid once it has been confirmed that the course will start. If you have paid a cancelled course with Culture and Sports Vouchers you can use the sum for another course.

The cancellation policy does not apply to the open university courses. Read more (in Finnish).


The Institute does not send separate confirmations before the course starts.

In general, the language of instruction is Finnish. In several courses the teacher is also able to instruct in English or some other language. Please contact Study guidance to find out the main language of instruction.

Course counselling is provided by head teachers responsible for specific areas of study. Please check Study guidance when the head teacher for your area of interest is available for consultation.

The length of each lesson (t) is 45 minutes.

Lessons are not held on public holidays.

Lessons are held on the Institute´s premises unless the group has been told that they will meet in a different location. 

The classroom can be seen on the TV monitor in the lobby on the ground floor. Students are advised to check the monitor each time they come to class because changes in room assignment are possible.

To facilitate room allocation, students with physical handicaps are requested to contact the caretaker.

The Institute does not purchase insurance on behalf of the students.

The Institute does not provide locked or guarded areas for clothing or property.

There are no free parking places for students at the Institute.


Students may request a certificate of attendance from the Institute’s office. The fee for this certificate is 5 € per paper. If the course has ended more than a year before a certificate is requested, the fee is 10 €. Certificates will be sent to students by post.

Proficiency level grades are given at the end of the course to those students whose course has been accepted by the Employment and Economic Development office as self-motivated study that is part of their integration programme. Other students can receive a certificate of participation. The certificates can be ordered from the office and they cost 5 €.


Tel (09) 41 500 300 | toimisto@helao.fi

Institute: Töölöntullinkatu 8, 00250 Helsinki

Office: Mannerheimintie 114, 00250 Helsinki. Open Mon-Thu at 10 am-4 pm, Fri closed, check helao.fi for exceptions. Closed: 20.6.-4.8.


  • 1101027

    Joululauluja ukulelella

    Price: 38,00 €
    Teacher: Turunen, Hanna, Musiikkipedagogi, AMK
    place: Lka 103, 1. krs
    Osoite: Töölöntullinkatu 8, 00250, Helsinki
    Autumn term: 7.12.2019 - 7.12.2019
    Registration begins: 3.6.2019 10:00:00
    Number of places: 12
    There are available places on the course
  • 1101125

    Suomipopin ja -rockin helmet - laulukurssi

    Price: 100,00 €
    Teacher: Rautamaa, Paula, Musiikkipedagogi AMK, FM, muusikko
    place: Töölön ala-aste, 102
    Osoite: , ,
    Spring term: 13.1.2020 - 9.3.2020
    Registration begins: 25.11.2019 10:00:00
    Number of places: 12
    There are available places on the course
  • 1104018

    Hopea- ja emalointikurssi - viikonlopun intensiivikurssi

    Price: 78,00 €
    Teacher: Tuomainen, Oili
    place: Rudolf Steiner-koulu
    Osoite: Lehtikuusentie 6, 00270,
    Spring term: 8.2.2020 - 9.2.2020
    Registration begins: 25.11.2019 10:00:00
    Number of places: 14
    There are available places on the course
  • 1298502

    Korean alkeet

    Price: 121,00 €
    Teacher: Kim, Jeongdo, FM
    place: Lka 301, 3. krs
    Osoite: Töölöntullinkatu 8, 00250, Helsinki
    Spring term: 13.1.2020 - 6.4.2020
    Registration begins: 25.11.2019 10:00:00
    Number of places: 25
    There are available places on the course
  • 210581

    Lahjakortti 50 €

    Price: 50,00 €
    place: Toimipaikka avoin
    Autumn term: 1.1.2019 - 31.12.2019
    Spring term: 1.1.2020 - 30.6.2020
    Registration begins: 31.8.2019 10:00:00
    Number of places: 1000
    There are available places on the course
  • 3203401 Esitelmä

    Ilmaisluentosarja - Hyvän elämän hetkiä 2020

    Teacher:  Opettaja avoin
    place: Lka 101, 1. krs (suuri luentosali)
    Osoite: Töölöntullinkatu 8, 00250, Helsinki
    Spring term: 7.1.2020 - 16.1.2020
    Registration begins: 13.11.2019 10:00:00
    Number of places: 100
    There are available places on the course
  • 400070 Verkkokurssi

    Hyvinvoinnin ja terveyden edistämisen (HyTe) –osaamiskokonaisuus (28 op / Itä-Suomen yliopisto)

    Yhteensä 430 €. 210 € ilmoittautuessa ja 220 € rekisteröityessä yliopistolle.: 210,00 €
    place: Ohjattu verkko-opiskelu
    Osoite: , ,
    Spring term: 1.1.2020 - 31.12.2020
    Registration begins: 25.11.2019 10:00:00
    Number of places: 100
    There are available places on the course
  • 8301063

    Astangajooga viikonloppukurssi

    Price: 40,00 €
    Teacher: Rainio, Anni
    place: Lka 104, 1. krs (liikunta)
    Osoite: Töölöntullinkatu 8, 00250, Helsinki
    Autumn term: 13.12.2019 - 14.12.2019
    Registration begins: 3.6.2019 10:00:00
    Number of places: 12
    There are available places on the course