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Enrolment starts online

  • Thur Aug17th at 9:30 (Physical Fitness, Dance and Music)
  • Fri Aug 18th at 9:30 (other areas of education)

​Enrolement starts by phone

  • Mon Aug 21st at 9:00

Whilst every attempt is made to ensure that our prospectus (in print) is accurate and up-to-date, some information is subject to change. Please check the course information for any changes before enrolment.

NB! Enrolment for Basic education in the Arts for Children has started in May.

  • Theatrical expression, circus arts and literary arts for children: if free places, you can enrol online.
  • Visual arts for children: ask about free places by phone 050 408 7936 or email johanna.makinen(at)


  • Check the provision online (Courses) or in the prospectus delivered to households on Aug the 12th or in the pdf on our website
  • Choose the courses you want to sign up for. You can enrol on more than one course at the same time. Please note that there are courses that are allowed to register on by phone only, starting at 9:00 Aug the 21st.


  • Fill the registration form carefully. We will need the following information: -name or number of the course – your name and Finnish social security number -your contact information including address, telephone number and e-mail - your educational background and employment status (for Statistics Finland). If the student is under 18, we will need the address, telephone number and email address of one of his or her parents or person who has custody.
  • After completing the form, read and accept the registration instructions and send the form.
  • You will receive a confirmation of the registration. If the course is full, you will be placed on a waiting list. We will inform you about a place available by text message. Please take a note of the registration code. You need the code to manage your courses (incl. cancelling). See Terms of canceling the enrolment.

NB! Enrolment is binding. If you are entitled to a discount, contact the Customer Service Desk by phone after the enrolment. Discounts are available only until the start of a course.


You will receive the course fee after the start of the course . Please take a note of the starting date and time of the course. We will only notify of the cancellation or changes of courses.

You will be notified of a due fee once. This will cost you an extra 5 euro. If the fee is due second time, it will be moved to the debt collection agency.


  1. You can cancel a course free of charge 7 days before the start of the course by contacting the Customer Service Desk by phone. An enrolment done online can be cancelled online with your registration code.

  2. If you cancel a course less than 7 days before the start of the course, you will be charged a 15 € administrative fee.

  3. If you cancel a course after the start of the course, provide the Customer Service Desk with a document stating a reason for the cancellation (a doctor’s certificate or a work-related obstacle to attend classes).  You will be charged the classes held before the cancellation and a 15€ administrative fee.

  4. If you haven’t cancelled a course, you will be charged a full tuition fee even if you have not attended any classes..

  5. If the place or time of a course has changed significantly, you are entitled to cancel the course free of charge.

  6. Possible teacher changes or an inappropriate skill level do not entitle you to a free-of-charge cancellation. Please contact the Customer Service Desk to find a new more suitable course for you.





  • 11014318 Tämä kurssi on päättynyt


    Price: 65,00 €
    Teacher:  Riitta Pirttisalo-Pirinen
    place: Pakkahuone, opetustila
    Osoite: Rantakatu 2 B , 80100, Joensuu
    Spring term: 18.6.2018 - 21.6.2018
    Registration begins: 21.5.2018 9:00:00
    Number of places: 16
    There are available places on the course