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For instructions on Enrollment, Course fees and Cancellations, please choose ”Suomeksi” (in Finnish) and scroll down to the bottom of the page.


The internet connection is secure. You will not need a username or password for course search and registering on a course.


On the Homepage you can see some current courses that are available.

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You can browse the full course programme under Courses. Courses can be browsed by department, category and subject.

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Use the Search courses feature to search for courses using a keyword (e.g. course number, department, content, teacher or location).

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Add the chosen courses to the shopping cart. If you chose a wrong course, you can remove it from the shopping cart by clicking the tick next to the course name. You can view the courses in your shopping cart any time by clicking the Shopping cart icon. You can add several courses to the shopping cart before entering your personal details. If a course is fully booked, you will receive information on being on the waiting list in the shopping cart.