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2024-2025 Registration starts on Monday 19 August. At 10:00!

Teaching usually starts on September 18. in the starting week (week 38). You can find the exact start dates of the courses in the course information.

Fall semester 2023 September 16–December 8. (11 weeks). Autumn holiday 14.10.–20.10. (week 42).

Spring semester 2024 Tue 7.1.–6.4. (12 weeks). Winter vacation 3.3.–9.3. (week 10).

Lessons are not given on public holidays. This has been taken into account when calculating the semester hours, i.e. they are not compensated separately.

In the future, the academic year of our civic college will be divided into a fall semester and a spring semester. Fall semester courses are invoiced during the fall, spring semester courses during spring. If you want to participate in, for example, Alapitkä yoga in the fall and also in the spring, the student must register for the courses of both semesters. The last day to register for spring semester (continuous) courses is Thu 5 December 2024, but you can register for spring as early as 19 August. from However, with regard to individual music lessons, the student does not have to register separately for the spring semester, but if the student does not want to continue with the corresponding spring semester course after the fall, he must cancel his participation in the spring semester by Thursday, December 5, 2024, directly to the office by email or phone (tel. 040 4883 202 / 040 4883 201) - otherwise, the place is automatically reserved for the corresponding one-on-one course in the spring semester.

All courses must be registered in advance, before the course starts, by the time indicated in the course information. Registration for the courses in the guide (including the spring 2025 courses in the guide) starts online, by phone and on site at the Lapinlahti office on Monday, August 19. at 10:00. In connection with online registration, there are good instructions for registering online. You cannot register for courses by e-mail. You can register for courses


Familiarize yourself with the college's teaching program on the college's website, or from the study program distributed at home. There you can find detailed information about the courses (you cannot register for the Open University course online). Select the courses you want to register for on these search pages. You can register for several courses at the same time.

Fill out all the sections of the personal information form carefully and send it electronically to the college. The form opens automatically for you when you have chosen your course. If the form does not appear, your browser does not allow cookies to be placed on your computer. See instructions for changing browser settings further down on this page!!

Finally, you will receive a confirmation of your sent registration. If the course is already full, you can get a spare place. Make a note of the registration number, which you can use later to check which courses you have registered for. If there is no confirmation, there is congestion in the system. Return to the registration form (previous page) and press the send button again.


Advance registration is binding. If you have not registered in advance, tell the course teacher and register immediately either online or by calling the office. (Note customer service opening hours!).

Privacy statement / Hellewi's student and personal register

Advance registration is binding. If you have not registered in advance, tell the course teacher about this, who will mark you on the student list and ask you to register immediately at the office. You can cancel your registration free of charge until the last day of registration for the course. The last registration date is always stated in the course information. After the course registration ends, we will bill you for the entire course fee, even if you do not participate in the course, because you have reserved a place in the course. If you cannot attend the course for health reasons, please contact our office immediately − for health reasons, we can exempt you from paying the course fee.

With a course that lasts an academic year and a semester, you have the right to familiarize yourself with the course at the first time of the fall semester or spring semester. If you do not continue with the course after the first time, you must cancel your participation in the course at the college office immediately - the teachers will note everyone present in the diaries. Therefore, if you have participated in even one meeting of the course throughout the academic year/term and you have not canceled your participation immediately after the first meeting of the course at the office, we will invoice the entire course fee. Shorter courses do not have access rights.


We also use TYKY Kuntoseteli+, Smartum vouchers, Verkkomaksut and ePassi, SmartumPay and Edenred as payment methods. When paying with apps, pay the course fees remotely as soon as the course starts! Deliver TYKY Fitness vouchers and Smartum vouchers to our office immediately after the course starts. More information when registering online and from the civic college.

After billing, these payment methods no longer work.


Advance registration is binding.



  • 1103203

    Väärninsaaren kuvataide aikuisille, nuorille ja lapsille

    Price: 40,00 €
    Teacher: Seppo Kääriäinen
    Place: Väärninsaari, Juhani Ahontie 84, 73100 Lapinlahti
    Lessons: 20,00    Autumn term: 2.8.2024 - 4.8.2024
    Registration begins: 8.7.2024 10.00
    Registration ends: 11.7.2024 22.00
    Number of places: 16 Registrations: 1 Available places: 15