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All our courses can be browsed by tapping the word COURSES in the green bar on the left of the page. 

In the TOPICAL- menu there are only some random examples of our courses. 


Sign yourself up to the course in the net. The form of registration will be found within the introduction to the course and with it you can also pay the course fee. Registration always requires paying the fee. You can pay by clicking the bank account sign, which will appear on the screen with the registration form. Choose your bank account sign and proceed with the transaction. Pay the full amount. NOTE, you can also use aSmartum- or ePassport account. 

The course fee does not include the learning material, such as the book or so. 

If the course is already full and you wish to register to the course as a standby, do not pay the fee immediately. Instead wait until you have the right to attend  the course. 

In unclear situations (problems with the transaction or cancelling the registration) do contact the office, within the office hours , tel. 08-5554060. 


You are welcome to the course after you have registered yourself. We will not send any verification or pre-release info about the course.  We will contact you, however, if 1) you have received the right to attend from the standby line, 2) there have been changes within the arrangements of the course or 3) the course must be cancelled. 

The course will start if there are enough participants to the course before the last registration date.  Therefore registering must be done on-time. NOTE! There are different registration dates in some of the exercise- and dance courses. Please check these from the Course introductions. 

Remember also that even after the last registration date there can be room for a new participant. Therefore you should always try registering in the net or call the office and find out. 

Our courses are mainly aimed at persons over 16 years old. In the course introduction, it is mentioned if the course is aimed at children or youngsters under 16 years of age.  


The discount of the course fee for the unemployed 

The unemployed participants get a 50% discount from one course fee / semester. The discount is not available with private teaching, exercise courses SYM- fee or those courses that must be invoiced. When registering in the net, you must always pay the full amount. The discount will be granted (during the course) at the office providing that a valid certificate of the unemployment is presented. (code 02= unemployed or code 03= laid off) . The Board of Education has granted only a limited amount of allowance for the discounts of the unemployed and therefore these discounts are given in the order that it is being sought for from the office. With this in mind, do apply your discount as soon as possible after the course has started. The discount is personal and it cannot be granted retroactively after the course. 

The discount for the Co-operating Members of the Settlement. A membership discount for the co-operative member companies and their staff  of Vuolle Settlement ry, is 3 euros / one course during a semester. The discount will be granted at the office by presenting the staff membership card. The discount is always personal. 


According to the instructions given by the Tax Administration such means of payments as Smartum-balance, ePassi, Smartum exercise- and culture voucher, Tyky- fitness banknote (voucher) Edenred and Easybreak exercise- and culture benefit can be used with exercise-, dance-, art- and crafts, music and language courses. Smartum Saldo and ePassi can also be used when registering to the courses in the net. NOTE, that ePassi appears in the net payment only if in the shopping basket there are only exercise courses. These benefits are personal. 

If you wish to utilize Smartum-, Tyky-voucher, Edenred mobile-/card payments or Easybreak mobile payments for you course fees, register yourself and pay for the course atthe office.  Exercise – and culture vouchers can be used to pay for the teaching, they cannot be returned or exchanged into cash. The means of payments mentioned   above cannot be returned if the participant wants to cancel attending the course. When the Vuolle Institute cancels the course, the participant can transfer to some other similar course. A payment which is made by ePassport can be returned to the ePassport account within the same calendar year. 


1)  If the course is cancelled we will return the fee in full. 

2)  If the course has already started, but it must be cancelled due to only a  fewregular participants required (7 or less) the fee will not be returned. 

3)   If the participant has registered into the course but is not able to participate, he must notify the office before the course begins. Cancellations cannot be done   through the net. 

4)   If the participant himself cancels his involvement in the course the fee will be returned on the following grounds: 

      a) if there is still more than a week to the beginning of the course: the fee will be returned but we will omit the office fees 20%  ( but no more than 10 euros) 

      b) if the cancellation takes place within the last week before the course starts, we will omit the 10 euros of office fees and then return 50% of the remaining   amount   

     c) the course fee will not be retuned if the cancellation takes place on the first day or after the first meeting of the course 

Payments with Visa, Visa Electron or Master Card : 

If you wish to use credit cards (Visa, Visa Electron or Master Card) for  your payments, please observe that Vuolle education center functions only as a marketing channel for products and services and in addition delivers the products to the customer.  Reclamation cases are handled by Paytrail Inc. Paytrail Inc. acts as the seller of the product when the purchase is paid with Visa, Visa Electron or Master Charge and the deal is made between the customer and the Paytrail Inc.  The seller is responsible for all the obligations that are joined to the purchase. Paytrail Inc. also receives the payment. 

Paytrail Inc, y-ID: 2122839-7 Innova 2 Lutakonaukio 7, 40100 Jyväskylä, Telephone: 0207181830


Payments through the net banking are also handled by Paytrail Inc. (2122839-7) in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit Institutions. In terms of the user this service works the same way as the traditional net banking. 


  • 77331 Uusi kurssi!


    Price: 65,00 €
    Teacher: Barbora Bajusova
    Place: Vuolle PYÖRRE-sali (peili), Pikku-Iikan katu 6, 90120 Oulu
    Lessons: 18,62    Spring term: 13.1.2023 - 28.4.2023
    Registration begins: 14.11.2022 12.00
    Registration ends: 3.3.2023 12.00
    Number of places: 16
    There are available places on the course
  • 10030

    Kestävän lauluäänen ABC

    Price: 75,00 €
    Teacher: Liisi Pettersson
    Place: Vuolle PYÖRRE-sali (peili), Pikku-Iikan katu 6, 90120 Oulu
    Lessons: 10,00    Spring term: 11.2.2023 - 12.2.2023
    Registration begins: 14.11.2022 12.00
    Registration ends: 1.2.2023 0.00
    Number of places: 15
    There are available places on the course
  • 23000 Opintosetelikurssi!


    Price: 42,00 €
    Teacher: Kari Arontie
    Place: Vuolle lk 101, Pikku-Iikan katu 6, 90120 Oulu
    Lessons: 13,35    Spring term: 22.2.2023 - 29.3.2023
    Registration begins: 14.11.2022 12.00
    Registration ends: 16.2.2023 22.55
    Number of places: 10
    There are available places on the course