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WELCOME get to know Tohmajärvi Civic Center courses and enroll!

Study Guide/ Sivistyksen Suakkunat, distributed to every economy during the Midsummer. You can enroll in courses for the academic year 2019 - 2020 from 9 am on 29 June 2019. Entries are also accepted at Potsitori at 10-14.
Telephone enrollments will be accepted from Aug 5th, 2019 at 1pm.

1. When enrolling you agree to pay the course fee if the cancellation of the enrollment has not arrived at the office 7 days prior to the beginning of the course.
2. The course billing takes place mainly in October. Post-billing notifications for cancellations will not be refunded.
3. The start of the course is not announced separately, but the cancellation of the course is indicated by a text message.

Search courses (top right) you can search for courses by keyword (eg course name or teacher name or place name).

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The office is on Katri Helena's track at Kirkkotie 6, 2nd floor
Course secretary can be found at the office Mon-Fri 9-15, tel. +358 40 105 4104.
July is the office holiday season.


  • 110000 Vapaa pääsy!

    Auta ympäristöä kierrättämällä

    Teacher: Otto-Veikko Rautiainen
    Place: Kunnanvirasto, valtuustosali, Järnefeltintie 1, 82600 TOHMAJÄRVI
    Lessons: 2,00    Autumn term: 29.8.2019 - 29.8.2019
    Registration begins: 29.6.2019 9:00
    Number of places: 30 Registrations: 0 Available places: 30
  • 110400

    Hopeatyö, syksy

    Price: 28,00 €
    Teacher: Anne Tikkanen
    Place: Tikkalan koulu, luokkahuone, Särkilahdentie 224, 82350 TIKKALA
    Lessons: 12,00    Autumn term: 6.9.2019 - 7.9.2019
    Registration begins: 29.6.2019 9:00
    Number of places: 12 Registrations: 7 Available places: 5
  • 114000 Uusi kurssi!

    Villalankojen värjäys

    Price: 49,00 €
    Teacher: Marjatta Heikkilä
    Place: Koulukeskus, Tekevä, kuvisluokka, Asemantie 35 C, 82600 TOHMAJÄRVI
    Lessons: 26,01    Autumn term: 27.9.2019 - 29.9.2019
    Registration begins: 29.6.2019 9:00
    Number of places: 10 Registrations: 3 Available places: 7